Bill Ayers: Obama should be tried for war crimes

Bill Ayers

Remember Bill Ayers? He was a co-founder of a now-defunct domestic terrorist group that was responsible for violent attacks in the late-1960s and early-1970s. His relationship with Barack Obama, which was described by the former terrorist as “friendly,” was the source of controversy in the 2008 presidential election. Well, Ayers is back in the news again, and what he’s saying isn’t exactly flattering to Obama.

In an interview with Real Clear Politics, Ayers said that President Obama has engaged in terrorist activity through his use of drones being conducted and should be put on trial for war crimes:

Bill Ayers believes President Obama should be put on trial for war crimes at The Hague, the Weather Underground co-founder told Real Clear Politics in an interview posted Tuesday.

Ayers told the website he “absolutely” believed the president was engaged in terrorism for his use of drone strikes in fighting the war on terror.

“Absolutely. Every president in this century should be put on trial, every one of them,” Ayers said. “For war crimes. Absolutely.”
Ayers also said he would give the president a “failing” grade, while admitting that he liked him personally more than other recent presidents.

Wow. It’s safe to assume that Ayers can expect to be left off the White House Christmas card list this year.

But the comments do come with a truck-load of irony. Not only was he the co-founder of a terrorist organization that is responsible for three deaths and several bombings, Ayers admitted back in April that he twice voted for Obama.

“I voted for Obama twice, actually. I had voted for a Democrat once before in my life, George McGovern. I had no illusions that Obama was going to bring us anything, but I did want to cast my vote for the first African-American president, which I thought would strike a small blow to white supremacy, and I wanted to help create the conditions for a more just government,” Ayers told The Daily Beast. “But I haven’t been disappointed for one minute because I had no expectations. He said, ‘I will sit in the throne of Empire,’ and that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

If Ayers considers Obama’s drone policy to be terrorism, isn’t he complicit in it since he voted for him? The sad thing is that Ayers actually has a point. The drone strikes being carried out in Pakistan, for example, have killed hundreds of innocent people.

It’s hard to square his comments that Obama should be tried for war crimes when he’s ostensibly endorsed it at the ballot box.

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