Obama for America tries to defend ObamaCare

With polls constantly showing that Americans favor repeal of ObamaCare and Democrats in Congress increasingly worried that it will hurt them in next year’s mid-term election, Obama for America (OFA), which was spawned from President Obama’s campaign, is launching a significant ad buy in an attempt to allay mounting concerns about the law:

Organizing for Action (OFA), the shadowy nonprofit activist group that evolved from the president’s campaign, is stepping up its defense of his controversial health care law, signaling to some that the group is increasingly worried about a political backlash against the law.

OFA announced a seven-figure ad buy on Monday for a 30-second spot touting the law’s supposed benefits. It also rolled out an activist program called “Team Obamacare” to “stand up to the conservative attacks, and tell the story of how Obamacare is working.”

The effort comes in the midst of news that Obamacare, as the Affordable Care Act is commonly known, will significantly raise insurance premiums in some states, and may increase rates for many hourly wage-earners.

Implementation of the law has proved a headache for the administration. Even some of the law’s most strident supporters have said that it is “just beyond comprehension” and could be a “train wreck” if it is not implemented correctly.

Problems with implementation and the law’s apparent failure to bring down insurance premiums, as its supporters routinely said it would, have Republicans convinced that their opposition to the law will be a political winner in next year’s midterm elections.

OFA’s ad, which can be viewed here, makes some pretty odd claims about ObamaCare, most of which are backed up by the sources it cites or plays a little loose with the facts. It also repeats the line that Americans will get “better coverage” at “lower costs,” a claim that has been proven false time and time again.

The administration and its supporters have spent the last three-plus years trying to sell ObamaCare to Americans to no avail. And with control of the Senate potentially on the line next year, OFA and Democrats are willing to say just about anything, at this point.

Americans just don’t see the “benefits” that are supposedly there. However, what they do see are higher health insurance premiums from 32% to 40% on average and employersciting the increased cost of health insurance coverage as a reason that they are reluctant to expand and create new jobs. That’s what they see; that’s what is real. Good luck convincing Americans otherwise.

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