Mike Kelly is One of the Last Liberty idealists on the Hill

Mike Kelly

Congressman Kelly has been quickly building a name for himself on The Hill. While not nearly as interesting as Darrell Issa, Trey Gowdy, or Rand Paul to many people, the substance of what he’s been saying in various hearings of late has been worth a great deal of attention. And now, it seems he’s getting at least a little:

Obviously, Megyn Kelly from Fox News is impressed with that enlightened speech from the Pennsylvania Congressman. But that is just one of many these days. Kelly has regularly been catching the attention of conservatives and libertarians with his pro-limited government tirades, and calls for accountability in the Obama Administration.

“Isn’t it incredible what you’re going through to maintain your First Amendment rights? This is not a problem that’s in Cincinnati — this is a problem that’s deep in the bowels of this government.”

“If at some point we cannot stop this culture of fear – this government-sponsored fear – then we are really coming up short on what the oath is that we took. We took an oath of office not to defend the rights of Republicans, or Democrats, or Libertarians … We took an oath to defend our Constitution.”

“I really applaud you for what you’re doing today. Do not give up on this. … Stay the course, do not give up, and please spread the word to the rest of the American public: ‘Do not be afraid of this government.’ It is only when we fear the government that we lose. This is a government that is supposed to serve the people — the people are not supposed to serve it.So keep up the fight. We’re with you. And we’ve got your back.”

It is rare when a Congressman’s speech excerpts mention defending the Constitution, the people - regardless of political leanings, and make the radical suggestion that the people should not be afraid of their government. One might suggest that it’s simply because of the state that he represents. Philadelphia, in spite of its current political problems, is still considered the “cradle of Liberty” in this country. Of course, Kelly is from western Pennsylvania, but still. Regardless, one thing is certain - liberty-minded people should keep an eye on Congressman Mike Kelly. Take your standard-bearers where you can get them, particularly if they’re already on The Hill.

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