House Approves Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL cartoon

After months of waiting President Barack Obama to stop sitting on his hands, the House passed a resolution last night in a 241 to 175 vote to bypass the White House and approve the northern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline:

The House passed a bill Wednesday that would approve the northern leg of the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline by an act of law, and take the decision out of the hands of President Obama.

Members voted 241-175 in favor of H.R. 3, the Northern Route Approval Act. Republican supporters were joined by 19 Democrats, much less than the level of Democratic support in the last Congress.
The House also accepted a lone Republican amendment from Rep. Randy Weber (Texas), which highlights State Department findings that say the Keystone pipeline is environmentally sound. Weber’s language passed 246-168.

President Obama has promised to veto the measure. That generally means that the Senate won’t even bother taking up the measure. But the upper chamber did pass an amendment to its budget back in March that approved Keystone XL.

Polls have showed strong support for Keystone XL. In March, a Fox News poll found that 70% of Americans are behind the project. Just last month, Pew Research reported that 66% support it. And, as mentioned above, the State Department has stated that the pipeline doesn’t pose a substantial threat to the environment.

But despite the strong support from the public and Congress and the fact that it will create thousands of jobs, President Obama has taken his time on the pipeline, and there’s reason to believe that he’ll foolishly kill it once again.

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