WWE’s Kane May Primary Sen. Lamar Alexander


Glenn Jacobs, perhaps better known as the wrestler “Kane” from WWE, may be considering a primary challenge to Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN).

Jacobs, who identifies philosophically as a libertarian and supported both of Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns, has made waves recently by challenging Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, a Republican, to a debate over the online sales tax. On Thursday, however, Brian Doherty noted at Reason that Jacobs is weighng a primary bid against Alexander next year:

Still pure rumor mill for now, but sources close to the one-time World Heavyweight Champion World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar (among many other wrestling honors) who goes by the name “Kane” tell me that Glenn Jacobs (Kane’s legal name) is “open to the possibility of considering a primary campaign against Sen. Lamar Alexander” for the Tennessee Senate seat Lamar! has held since 2003.

That’s a whole lot of caveats and no announcement from the man himself, but it would be one of the more delightful GOP primary battles for the libertarian-minded to watch.

Jacobs, a resident of Knoxvill, Tennessee, has contributed commentary to LewRockwell.com, a website that frequently promotes paleo-conservative and libertarian economic theories. This free market point-of-view could be appealing to many Republican primary voters.

The Hill notes that fiscal conservatives have been down on Alexander, and with good reason. The two-term Senator from Tennessee has a 65% lifetime score with FreedomWorks, and his year score has never been higher than 83%, and he has a 68% lifetime score with the Club for Growth.

Over the years, Alexander has voted for Medicare expansion, the “Bridge to Nowhere,” wasteful farm bills, the Wall Street bailout, and for the online sales tax. Sadly, that’s just a sample of the anti-taxpayer votes Alexander has made in his almost 12 years in the Senate.

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