IRS Targeted Justin Binik-Thomas in Query to Ohio Tea Party Group

The scandal currently engulfing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) no doubt has the attention of the country. As you know this bureaucratic agency singled out Tea Party and other conservative groups for additional scrutiny as they sought tax-exempt status.

There has been some focus on the very odd questions asked of these groups. Some were innocuous, though still very much over the line, while others, as David French of the ACLJ said, are a “far left wish list of discovery of the Tea Party.”

During his testimony on Capitol Hill today, acting-IRS Commission Steven Miller, who resigned earlier this week, told the House Ways and Means Committee that there was no political motivation in his agency’s screening of Tea Party groups. That’s obviously not true. In fact, the very clear intent of the IRS to single out and intimidate this groups is even more clear after reading the questions sent to the Liberty Township Tea Party, a group based just north of Cincinnati.

Under penalties of perjury, the Liberty Township Tea Party was asked for additional information, ranging from queries about family members to fundraising to current and planned employees/volunteers to outreach programs with the local school district.

But one request sticks out. The IRS wanted to know about the Liberty Township Tea Party’s relationship with one particular person, Justin Binik-Thomas:

IRS -- Justin Binik Thomas

Click here to see the full letter and request for additional information from the IRS to the Liberty Township Tea Party (it should be noted that they got the spelling of his name wrong).

Earlier this afternoon, United Liberty spoke with Mr. Binik-Thomas about being specifically called about by the IRS, in light of the recent revelations that the agency has been targeting Tea Party organizations.

“I’m not related to this group in any way,” Binik-Thomas told United Liberty this afternoon. When asked his reaction to political targeting by the IRS, he said, “Frankly, it sends a chill down your spine.”

Binik-Thomas, who serves as a spokesman for the Cincinnati Tea Party, told United Liberty that he is working with Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) to find out why he was targeted by the IRS. He will be included in the House Ways and Means Committee investigation of the agency’sĀ egregious, unethical, and immoral behavior.

One can’t imagine just how creepy this is. Whoever was doing this at the IRS knew exactly what they were doing and had to have some knowledge of the Cincinnati-area to specifically mention someone by name. This why further investigation is needed and more safeguards put in place so it never happens again.

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