Big Government Republicans Love Lindsey Graham

In response to our post yesterday about FreedomWorks targeting Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), we just received this e-mail:

Are you guys nuts????  We should have 55 Rep Senators right now and you are spending money going after our SC senator.  Start going after the Dems and leave the Rep senators alone.  Get some good candidates in Iowa, Montana, Georgia and other states we can win.  How in the world can you spend 5 cents going after Graham when we cant even get candidates in these states we can win.  The focus should be on a majority senate.

You guys have gone off the rails.  You keep it up and your boy Obama will have his 60 senators and god help us.  Me and a lot of other people are going to get very vocal about this.  Stay the hell out of SC and leave our Senator alone.

The problem with the Republican Party are politicians like Lindsey Graham. They are why we can’t have nice things. Now, you may be fine with big government Republicans who have contributed substantially towards the debt explosion over the last two administrations. But Lindsey Graham isn’t just South Carolina’s problem. Every single time he votes for more spending and more government involvement in our lives, as he’s done so many times before; he becomes the rest of the country’s problem.

We don’t play on “Team Republican.” We want liberty-minded members who are going to restrain spending, cut taxes, and promote civil liberties. These are all things Graham and others like him have failed to do. Remember, this is a guy who could not bring himself to vote for a spending cut of one-half of 1%. He said he’s willing to raise taxes. And he doesn’t care about constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties. The Liberty Movement is not going to support someone who is the very antithesis of what we believe.

Sometimes you have to beat the Republicans before you can beat the Democrats, as Matt Kibbe once said. Through his votes and other positions, Lindsey Graham has made himself a target. He deserves to go, and we will support any liberty-minded candidate who runs against him.

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