Voters Want Action on the Economy, Not Guns

Vice President Joe Biden has telegraphed his plan to make another push for new gun control laws and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is still pushing to gain support for his completely pointless background check proposal. But the public has other priorities. According to a recent Gallup poll, 86% of Americans rank job creation and the economy as their top priorities:

A new Gallup poll released Wednesday finds 86 percent of voters saying Congress should make its top focus job creation, with 86 percent saying Congress should prioritize work on improving the economy.

Those two issues are the top concerns for voters, with gun violence and an overhaul of the nation’s immigration reform laws at the bottom of the list of 12 priorities.

Only 55 percent of those surveyed said reducing gun violence should be a top priority, and a similar 50 percent said that Congress should focus on immigration reform.

Despite the scare tactics and fear-mongering by the gun control crowd, Americans are much more concerned with a still fragile economy. There have been encouraging signs of improvement, but unemployment is still over 7% and job creation numbers are nowhere near when they should be.

Moreover, numbers released this week by Pew Research shows gun homicide and gun violate rates have declined by 49% and 75%, respectively, over the last 20 years. A separate report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a branch of the Department of Justice, showed similar declines in gun violence numbers.

There is also division in the gun control ranks as anti-gun groups are targeting vulnerable Democratic Senators who voted against the recent gun control legislation. Democratic leaders are worried that there majority in the chamber could be put in jeopardy next year.

Of course, nearly everything the Obama Administration on the economy hasn’t panned out, going all the way back to the stimulus and loans to create so-called “green jobs.” All these measures have really done is create a long-term headache for taxpayers.

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