CPAC Panel: Budgets and Readiness

Budgets and Readiness

Even after the sequester, there is a debate still going on inside the conservative movement over defense spending. With budget deficits expected to exceed $850 billion in the current fiscal year — this after four consecutive years of $1+ trillion deficits — fiscal conservatives are urging to keep the cuts to spending increases from the sequester. Hawkish Republicans, however, want to substitute or restore the defense spending cuts from the sequester with other discretionary cuts.

This issue was the subject of a panel yesterday on the mainstage at CPAC. The panel — “Budgets & Readiness: Can We Cut Defense Spending & Still Protect America?” — featured some bright minds from the think tank world and policy world.


  • Mackenzie Eaglen, Resident Follow, Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies, American Enterprise Institute
  • Van Hipp, Jr., Chairman, American Defense International
  • Lucian Niemeyer, Staffer, U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee
  • Christopher Preble, Vice President, Defense & Policy Studies, Cato Institute,
  • Moderator: Donald Devine, Vice Chairman, American Conservative Union/Editor, Conservative Battleline
Check out the full video of the event below:


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