Teacher Requires Pro-Obama Efforts

A lot of people roll their eyes whenever someone makes a comment about liberal college professors indoctrinating our young people.  I understand it even, because I’ve known a lot people who were liberal in college but who change their positions once they get out into the great, wide world.

Unfortunately, professors like this give a lot of ammunition to those that think American colleges seem to be dedicated to indoctrinate rather educate.  From the Daily Caller:

If students want to pass John Banzhaf’s law class, they’ll have to fight for increased government regulation in the food and beverages industry.

Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University, will require his students to lobby state and local governments to ban sugary beverages, according to a press release. The release was put out by Banzhaf himself, who summarized the objective as “Undergrads Required to Lobby for Obama Policy.”

“Some 200 undergrads will be asked to contact legislators in their home cities, counties, or states asking them to adopt legislation similar to that already adopted in New York City … banning restaurants, delis, movie theaters and many other businesses from selling high-sugar drinks in cups or containers larger than 16 ounces,” said the press release.

To appease students who may not wish to advocate the specific policy in place in New York City, Banzhaf supplied a list of substitute activities, which include:

  • Ban the sale of sugary soft drinks entirely
  • Ban the sale of sugary soft drinks to children
  • Put a special tax on sugary soft drinks; e.g., to reduce consumption and/or to fund counterads
  • Don’t exempt sugary soft drinks from the ordinary sales tax
  • Prohibit the sale of sugary soft drinks in vending machines
  • Mandate per-oz. pricing of sugary soft drinks in venues like fast food restaurants and movie theaters (i.e., a 32 oz. serving must cost at least twice as much as a 16 oz. serving)
  • Limit the maximum size for sugary soft drinks in venues like fast food restaurants and movie theaters (e.g., a single serving can be no more than 16 oz.).

So, if you take Banzhaf’s class, you had better be in favor of imposing government into what kind of beverages you can consume or even into private business practices like pricing.

Now, the DC notes that Banzhaf is a publicity hound who probably thinks of himself as  righteous crusader for people who are apparently to stupid to exercise a valid choice.  Especially since people already know that sugary drinks aren’t good for you, but opt to drink them anyways.

Now, Banzhaf isn’t the only professor to require their students to get involved in politics.  I had a government professor who required the same thing.  The key difference?  My professor allowed us to decide our positions.

I was once told that the point of education wasn’t to teach me facts that I could regurgitate on command.  No, the point of education was to teach you how to think.  Unfortunately, it seems obvious that Banzhaf isn’t interested in his students’ thinking…unless they happen to think like him.

Here’s hoping that Banzhaf’s course isn’t required to graduate…just for the students’ sake.  Either that, or here’s to hoping that flipping the professor off doesn’t get you kicked out of school.

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