VIDEO: Mike Lee, Ted Cruz Defend Civil Liberties

There has been a lot of attention paid to Sen. Rand Paul’s brilliant, 13-hour defense of the Constitution, which is now available online at CSPAN. But I wanted to share videos of Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), both of whom, like Sen. Paul, became champions of civil liberties in the United States Senate.

Below are some clips from yesterday of Sens. Lee and Cruz discussing the issues with President Obama’s drones program, the DOJ white paper that made the case for drone strikes on American citizens on American soil, and the constitutional ramifications of the policy.

“We have a standard [of an imminent threat] that is so broad, that is so malleable, that is so easily subject to so many varying interpretations, no one can reasonably look into this and decide who the government may kill with a drone and who the government may not kill with a drone.” — Sen. Mike Lee

“I would note that your standing here today like a modern Mr. Smith goes to Washington because surely be making Jimmy Stewart smile. And my only regret is that there are not 99 of your colleagues here today standing with you in defense of the most fundamental principles in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, namely that each of us is endowed with certain unalienable rights by our creator and that first among them is life, the rife to life and the right not to have life arbitrarily extinguished by our government without due process of law.” — Sen. Ted Cruz

“[A]t the conclusion of the memo, when the memo says, “In sum, an operation of the circumstances and under the constraints described above would not result in a violation of any due process rights,” its describing constraints that are not really constraints. And that is a problem. That amounts to a deprivation of due process.” — Sen. Mike Lee

“I find myself genuinely puzzled that both Mr. Brennan and Attorney General Holder, when asked whether the United States government may kill a United States citizen on U.S. soil with a drone strike, absent an imminent threat of harm to life or grievous bodily injury, I find it quite puzzling that both of them did not simply respond of course not, of course we can’t. We never have in the history of this country, and we never will. The Constitution forbids it.” — Sen. Ted Cruz

“If the Senator from Kentucky is aware of the reaction the American people have had to his extraordinary efforts today? And given that the Senate rules do not allow for the use of cellular phones on the floor of the Senate, I feel quite confident that the Senator from Kentucky is not aware of the Twitter verse that has been exploding.” — Sen. Ted Cruz

“It is, however, a little troubling Eric Holder doesn’t do more to assure Senator Paul in this response to his letter that these kinds of actions wouldn’t be necessary to undertake on American soil, that these kinds of actions would be fraught with constitutional problems when undertaken on American soil. It is difficult to understand why the Attorney General wouldn’t just say we will not do this. This would be fraught with constitutional problems. This is not something we would do.” — Sen. Mike Lee

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