New Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for Keystone XL


Not only does the White House have to deal with a recently released draft statement from the State Department finding that the Keystone XL pipeline poses no real environmental threat, a new poll out today shows that 70% of Americans are behind the project:

A new Fox News poll shows support for the project has reached a new high, with 70 percent supporting its construction and 23 percent opposing it. That 70 percent support figure is up from 67 percent a year ago. Other polls at the time showed slightly lower levels of support, though still huge majorities in favor.

The increase appears to be due to a rise in support among Democrats, who now support it with a clear majority — 57 percent.

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post notes that Obama’s climate change agenda — an issue that he discussed during both his inaugural address and the State of the Union — could be an indictation that Keystone and the thousands of jobs that could be created face an ominous future.

As pointed out on Monday, the State Department previously signed off on Keystone in August 2011. Unfortunately, President Obama kowtowed to radical environmentalists by killing it and then actively worked to thwart Republican attempts in Congress to bring Keystone back to life. That same radical, alarmist element is looking to pressure the White House into killing the project again.

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