Gun Store Names Obama “Firearms Salesman of the Year”

Image courtesy of Collectable Arms & Ammo

With gun sales booming thanks to proposals in Congress that would increase restrictions on the sale of guns — including so-called “assault weapons” — a New Hampshire-based gun store has named President Barack Obama the “Firearms Salesman of the Year”:

A gun shop in New Hampshire has named President Barack Obama “Firearms Salesman of the Year.” It is, of course, a sarcastic title awarded for his gun control efforts, which has sent millions of concerned Americans to gun shops seeking guns and ammo in case gun control legislation is passed.

One poster on the front window of the gun shop depicts Obama as “Firearms Salesman of the Year.” Below the president’s picture are two semi-automatic rifles.

A second poster to the left shows head shots of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong. The caption below the photo reads, “All Experts Agree, Gun Control Works.”

The gun shop, Collectable Arms & Ammo, is located in Merrimack, N.H. and the owner is not apologizing for the display.

“We like to have the creative storefronts which are sort of fun in one aspect and in another aspect if we have an opportunity to make a statement we’ll do that as well,” Cox told CBS Boston.

Using images of Adolf Hilter, Mao Zedong, and Josef Stalin will probably cause many to miss the broader point at the owner of the store is trying to make, which is that the Second Amendment provides a tool for ordinary citizens to fight back against a government that encroaches on their liberties.

But they got it right in noting that President Obama has ironically done more for gun makers and retailers than anyone else in recent memory. As the joke goes, President Obama’s gun control proposals are a jobs program that actually works.

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