House GOP: What will Obama say this year?

President Barack Obama will give the State of the Union address this evening where he will lay out his agenda for the next year. Since taking office in 2009, President Obama has told used the address to sell Americans a big government agenda that has ultimately left the worse off.

As this new video from the House Republican Conference shows, President Obama has made promises during past State of the Union addresses from cutting the deficit in half to ObamaCare not affecting current insurance coverage and reducing costs to enacting an energy policy that reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, all of these promises have been broken — budget deficits have gotten completely out of control, some 7 million are expected to lose their employer-based coverage and costs for coverage have skyrocketed because of ObamaCare, and he has already rejected Keystone XL once to please his radical environmentalist base.

Check out the video below. It’ll make you wonder, given the broken promises of the last four years, what President Obama has in store for tonight:

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