Republicans foolishly making push to avoid defense cuts

There have been some encouraging signs recently that Republicans are ready to let the sequester cuts happen on March 1st. President Barack Obama floated a proposal earlier this week that would have substituted some of the cuts with more tax hikes. However, Speaker John Boehner rejected the idea.

While there has been some hope that Republicans are finally coming around on the need to cut the bloated defense budget, others are ready to deal with the White House to avoid the sequester:

House and Senate Republican defense hawks are reviving a proposal to avoid the first year of sequestration cuts by reducing the size of the federal workforce, which they introduced Wednesday as they blasted President Obama’s efforts.

The Republican lawmakers, who gathered for a joint press conference Wednesday, said their plan was the path of least resistance to avoid the $45 billion in across-the-board spending cuts that Pentagon leaders say would devastate the military.

The GOP hawks also urged lawmakers in their own party who have said in recent weeks that they would allow sequestration to occur to reconsider their position.
The legislation would reverse the $85 billion in sequester cuts still on the books after the two-month delay that was included in the “fiscal cliff” deal. The funds would be offset by cutting the federal workforce by 10 percent over the next decade through attrition, by hiring back one worker for every three who leave.

We knew this was coming. While I’m sure that defense contractors and other cronies of the members pushing this proposal are nervous about losing money, scaling back the budget has to be done. They can’t do it through non-defense cuts only, they’re going to have to target the Pentagon at some point, whether they like it or not.

This is example of why we can’t the GOP seriously when it comes to spending cuts and reducing the size of government.

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