Judge Napolitano: Obama doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment

Judge Andrew Napolitano

In discussing recent comments made by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who pointedly said that President Barack Obama doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment, Judge Andrew Napolitano explained that the officials in this administration “do not believe in parts of the Constitution.”

Napolitano, who frequently writes about breakdown of the rule of law, explained, “They don’t believe in the Tenth Amendment that reserves powers to the states and they don’t believe in the Second Amendment that guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms, and they will do everything they can to wear away those parts of the Constitution with which they disagree.”

Check out the segment, which appeared on Fox News last week, below:

Napolitano could not be more accurate in sentiment. After four years of this administration running roughshod over the Constitution — including dismissing federalism and the Second Amendment, not to mention ObamaCare and the continued assault on civil liberties — there is no question that President Obama is arguably the worst president we’ve seen on constitutional issues since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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