An Open Letter to Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Dear Piers Morgan,

We get it.  You, a British citizen and a subject of the Crown, are not a supporter of gun rights.  This is something we understand perfectly well.

However, I feel that as a fellow journalist, I need to reach out and let you know that I’m on to your little tricks.  Frankly, if this is the best you’ve got, maybe you should rethink your position on gun rights…or at least quit making it such a point on your show.

The first trick was to shout down reasonable debate when you had Larry Pratt on your show.  Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, went on your show to have a reasonable discussion, and you shout him down with tactics more akin to Bill O’Reilly’s.  Every time he opened his mouth to counter your points, you were rude and drowned him out.

Time and time again, you called Pratt names like “stupid,” while countering with no facts of your own.  You were as unprofessional as I have ever seen, and with Kieth Olbermann and O’Reilly still in my memory, that’s saying something.

Last night, you had Alex Jones on your show.  Ostensibly, it was about the petition to have you deported.  For the record, I did not sign it and did not support it.  Freedom of speech is freedom for all, or else it’s freedom for none.    Jones started it, and you had him on your show.  Unsurprisingly, the topic went over to gun control.

Now, you’ve now been in the United States long enough to know who Alex Jones is.  You clearly did research to see what he believed, and you know that he represents a very small portion of the American population.  Yet he was the person you let speak on gun rights.

Alex Jones is a terrible spokesperson.  You know that.  Maybe that’s why your tactic was silence.  By letting Jones, in his ranting, make the points and not interrupting - even when he was trying to make the exact same points Pratt tried to make earlier - you attempted to paint the gun rights proponents as crazy.

These are tactics, and they are effective ones.  However, they’re also reprehensible for someone who should know how better to handle it.  These tactics are useful when you have little actual data to support your position.  As has been noted all over the internet, the facts do not support the idea that gun control works.  It just doesn’t.  You know that the numbers aren’t in your corner, so you pull this crap.

Mr. Morgan, you are pathetic.  Honestly and truly, you are a pathetic excuse for a news personality.  I dare you to have Larry Pratt back on your show and let him have the carte blanche you gave Jones.  I know you won’t do it, for obvious reasons.  It’s to bad.  An honest debate doesn’t scare gun rights advocates.

It’s just to bad that it scares the hell out of you.

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