What Will You Do for Liberty in 2013?

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I hate New Years resolutions. Sure, it’s good to consider where you are, reflect on what you’ve done, and consider how to move forward in certain areas of your life. There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself. But resolutions are often made in a way that makes them impossible to keep.

We set ourselves up for failure, and then 2 weeks into January when we fail on our resolution, we give it up and go back to the way things were in December, as if there weren’t a reason that we made the resolution in the first place.

So, yeah, I’m not a fan of formal New Years resolutions.

But I have been thinking about 2013. Politically, it should be a slower year than 2012. We don’t have a presidential election this year, and the legislative and executive branches remain quite divided. (A stalemate in Congress can be a good thing, though.)

Last January, when we were looking forward to 2012, we knew there were a lot of opportunities to get involved coming in an election year. But what about now, when there is no big election? How do we advance liberty in 2013?

Get to know your legislators. 2012 offered me the chance to get to know my congressman. I don’t know him well (yet), but I know him. I also had the chance to get to know some state representatives and state senators who will be working to shape legislation in Atlanta.

Follow legislation. Watch closely when legislation is introduced. Read the bills. Understand what they do. When you’ve educated yourself, you’re able to take a better stand for/against legislation because you’ve read it for yourself (instead of blindly taking talking points from the media).

Call your legislators. Keep the dialog between you and your legislators going. Tell them what you like (and don’t like). They won’t always agree with you, but when you’ve gotten to know them, educated yourself on the issues, and can carry on a real discussion, they’ll usually listen to what you have to say.

Find candidates to run for office. The 2014 election cycle hasn’t really begun, but it won’t be long before it does. Use these next few months to find good people who will run against incumbents that need to be replaced. Here in Georgia, we’re already on the hunt for somebody to replace Saxby Chambliss. Good candidates are out there. Go find them!

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