United Liberty’s Top 30 Most Read Posts from 2012

Being a libertarian-leaning blog, we touch on a variety of issues. From those of you that aren’t familiar with libertarianism, it is a philosophy grounded in individual liberty, limited government, and free markets. Our commentary is based from that unwaivering viewpoint.

This past provided endless fodder for bloggers. From the push for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) to the terrorist attack in Benghazi to the 2012 election. While there was plenty to talk about this year, 2012 also served as a reminder that our liberties are still being slowly taken away.

With all that said, here are the top 30 most read stories from United Liberty during 2012. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them:

  1. Anti-Johnson Crowd is Full of Cowards (Jeremy Kolassa)
  2. For Choom, the Bell Tolls (Louis DeBroux)
  3. There Is No Libertarian Case For Mitt Romney (Doug Mataconis)
  4. Why Is The State Department Partnering With Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin (Kevin Boyd)
  5. 8 Technological Reasons to Stop SOPA & PIPA (Ron Davis)
  6. Intelligence officials destroy White House’s Benghazi narrative (Jason Pye)
  7. Santorum meets with conservatives in hopes to save campaign (Jason Pye)
  8. 5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Vote for Mitt Romney (Ron Davis)
  9. Looking ahead in the race for the GOP nomination (Jason Pye)
  10. Obama ready to send the United States over the fiscal cliff (Jason Pye)
  11. Wayne Root leaves Libertarian Party, backs Romney (Jason Pye)
  12. Problems with Involving Minors in Politics (George Scoville)
  13. Note to Birthers: Marco Rubio is a natural-born citizen (Jason Pye)
  14. 5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Vote for Gary Johnson (Ron Davis)
  15. NYC Soda Ban Will Have Unintended Consequences (Ron Davis)
  16. Can Libertarians And Social Conservatives Be Allies? (Kevin Boyd)
  17. Randy Barnett: Evaluating the ObamaCare Ruling (Jason Pye)
  18. Are we still arguing about Chick-fil-A? (Jason Pye)
  19. Vote Your Conscience (Kevin Boyd)
  20. Johnson Crushes Obama On Gay Marriage Question (Jeremy Kolassa)
  21. Exploring Liberty: Christopher Preble explains libertarianism and war (Jason Pye)
  22. Write-In for Ron Paul Would Be Useless (Jeremy Kolassa)
  23. Poll shows top concerns of small business owners (Jason Pye)
  24. Romney’s tax returns should be off limits (Jason Pye)
  25. Has the world gone mad? (Brian Lehman)
  26. SOPA author not done with the internet (Tom Knighton)
  27. Mitt Romney: The Reason Ron Paul Supporters Still Dream (Rick Fisk)
  28. A Santorum nomination could be a good thing for libertarians? (Jason Pye)
  29. Thoughts on Free Speech and Censorship (Ron Davis)
  30. Law Enforcement Needs To Reassess Its Priorities (Jeremy Kolassa)

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