Clint Tarver’s hot dog stand is back in business

It seems though good news is hard to come by, especially in the last several days. But here is one that should get your week off to a good start.

Do you remember Clint Tarver? He owns the hot dog cart that was destroyed last week by union thugs who weren’t too happy about his catering for Americans for Prosperity, a group that was counter-protesting in Lansing in support of Michigan’s new “right to work” law. Not only did they destroy his hot dog cart, they hurled racial slurs at him while doing so.

Mr. Tarver received an outpouring of support as an online fundraising effort brought in over $33,000 (the news report below doesn’t have the up-to-date estimate) to help him replace the damage done to his business. Tarver also received support from state legislators in both parties:

Late last week, Twitchy reported, via Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, that Tarver was back in business, selling hot dogs near the state capitol building in Lansing:

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