Politico Hacks: How is this not media bias?

media bias

Among the major talking points from President Barack Obama and Democrats that are often repeated in the media has been that the public agrees with his calls for higher taxes on the wealthy as part of any “fiscal cliff” deal.

In their story on a new poll conducted with George Washington University, Politico ran with the headline, “Battleground Poll: Hike taxes on rich.” The poll showed that “60 percent of respondents support raising taxes on households that earn more than $250,000 a year and 64 percent want to raise taxes on large corporations.” Again, not surprising. It fits the narrative that we’ve constantly heard, even though it’s a myth.

But buried deep inside the story — seven paragraphs down — was this gem:

According to the poll — taken from from Dec. 2 to Dec. 6 — 69 percent of respondents oppose raising taxes on small businesses that earn more than $250,000 — a group that the GOP is trying to protect with its push to extend the Bush tax cuts.

Republicans have argued thoughout the course of the “fiscal cliff” negoitiations that they want to protect small businesses — entities employing less than 500 people — in a “fiscal cliff” deal. They’re getting hammered by the White House and Democrats for not wanting to raise taxes, but here is their affirmation on the issue as nearly 70% of respondents agree with the GOP’s position. The headline should have been “Battleground Poll: Don’t raise taxes on small businesses” or something along similar lines.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these businesses employ 63 million workers — more than half of the workers in the United States. Americans realize, despite the best attempts of the media to mislead them, that tax hikes on their small businesses, will hurt the middle class by putting thousands out of work.

What the White House doesn’t understand is that there are thousands of small businesses that make over $250k a year — most of which file their tax returns as an S-Corp or sole proprietorship — who will be affected by his tax hikes. Unfortunately, hat inconvenient has been under-reported by the media, which continues to take every opportunity to promote President Obama’s class warfare agenda.

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