Justin Amash says Boehner will not be welcome in his district

Justin Amash

While the removal of four fiscally conservative members of key committees, House Republican leadership — a decision presumably made by Speaker John Boehner — has made it clear to the rest of their caucus — principled, outspoken members will not be tolerated in positions that could influence a potential “fiscal cliff” deal.

One of the members removed by House Republican leadership, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), the only member of Congress who explains each one of his votes, isn’t sitting silently. In fact, speaking out even louder than before.

Yesterday, Amash dropped a couple of tweets noting that, despite the hand wringing and public back-and-forth between Boehner and President Obama, there really isn’t much a difference between the budgets put forward by the two:

It doesn’t end there either. Robert Costa reported yesterday at National Review that Amash, who found out about his removal from the House Budget Committee in the newspaper, made it very clear that Boehner isn’t welcome in his district:

“If Speaker Boehner wants to come back to my district, he’s not going to be met with very much welcome,” Amash told reporters this afternoon.
Amash added that he has little faith in Boehner’s negotiating tactics.

“I spent a lot of time saying, ‘Speaker Boehner is doing the best job we can do.’ I did that for a year, a year in a half. But we’re not doing the best job we can do,” Amash said. “We need people who are going to be bold, we need leaders.”

“This is about who’s fighting for the American people,” Amash said. “I want to speak out now because I want to encourage my colleagues to be more outspoken.”

One would think that Amash is out there on an island in challenging Boehner, but it’s clear, based on constant rumors, that there is a good chunk of House Republicans who are upset with the why the ship is being steered right now, especially when it comes to the “fiscal cliff.”

Some, including American Majority Action (AMA), are targeting Boehner by asking House Republicans to abstain from the vote for Speaker of the House or to put up another candidate when the new Congress begins next year. The frustration there is understandable, but will also be unsuccessful.

Grassroots activists, which have been instrumental in keeping establishment Republicans in check, are upset about the treatment of Amash and his fellow fiscal conservatives in Congress. Many are demanding that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who serves as Majority Whip, release the “scorecard” that was apparently used to remove these members. They want answers and they’re not going to continue to hound Boehner and company until they start providing them or start acting like principled conservatives.

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