MSNBC: Conservatives “deliberately” destroyed AFP tent in Lansing

AFP tent destroyed by pro-union protesters

As we’ve noted, union protesters violently tore down an Americans for Prosperity (AFP) tent yesterday in Lansing, Michigan. AFP, which supports the recently passed right-to-work legislation, was there to counter-protest and encourage Gov. Rick Snyder to sign the bill into law (and he did yesterday afternoon).

Rather than admit that there are some bad eggs who attended the pro-union rallies that saw some pretty nasty actions, MSNBC reporter Ned Resnikoff, via The Ed Show, is floating the conspiracy theory that conservative activists were really behind everything:

As the protests against right-to-work legislation in Michigan rage on, accusations of violence and dirty tricks are flaring on both sides.

Conservative media have been circulating a video which appears to shows union members tearing down a tent owned by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which is linked to the Koch Brothers. Video of the tent’s collapse was first posted on YouTube by Lee Stranahan of, who claimed that a “violent mob” of union members—some of them armed with knives—had torn down the tent while people were still inside. The video was picked up by The Daily Caller, The Washington Times,and The National Review.
But one eyewitness tells he thinks there may be more to the story. Thomas Duckworth, a Michigan resident and lifelong union member, said he’d been at the AFP tent earlier in the day, when he noticed a man in an NRA hat. Later, he said, he saw the man deliberately loosening the ropes holding the tent up. Duckworth acknowledged that labor supporters had cheered the tent’s collapse, but suggested that AFP had deliberately helped initiate the it, in order to depict their adversaries as an unruly mob.

Resnikoff, who wrote this story for MSNBC, is apparently a former Media Matters researcher. A friend explains, “If you were in Minneapolis for RightOnline a couple years ago, you may have seen [Resnikoff] on the ground there, helping to organize the Target employees in the center of the city with some of the other NetRoots clowns.”

Media Matters is a so-called “watchdog” organization, founded by David Brock, that whines about conservatives and libertarians in the media and basically anything that represents a view that differs from the talking points put out by the White House and the Democratic National Committee.

So now you have a former Media Matters goon writing content for MSNBC, which is even more partisan that Fox News, and floating a completely baseless conspiracy. This is too crazy even for the Left.

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