No More Mr. Nice Guy: Time To Take It To The Unions

Labor union protest

Watching the footage and hearing the stories of what happened in Michigan yesterday was disheartening. Here we have people who are supposedly adults—supposedly, role models to young children out there—turning to violence when then don’t get what they want politically. This is the “grown-up,” “adult” equivalent of a five-year old stamping his feet and pouting when his parents don’t give him the candy he spied on the supermarket shelf.

We’ve seen this violence before. We saw it with the longshoremen during the OWS-type protests last year. has a entire category of stories of union violence. Heck, even last year ABC News ran a story headlined “How Nasty Can Union Violence Get And Still Be Legal?

Clearly, a lot. And I think one reason we sadly tolerate this is because, somehow, Americans still think unions are looking out for the poor and downtrodden worker, who is being abused by the big corporate executives. That they’re still American, still with us, we just disagree. But as these and other stories show, they’re not. Unions are not helping America.

They’re fighting a war against us.

I haven’t been able to verify it, so I won’t post it, but the grapevine did send me some text of a labor union leader’s Facebook post, that there is a “class war” going on in this country, and that “we need militant trade unionism.” These Twitter comments on the attack on Crowder are also pretty damning: There is a war going on, but it’s not a class war; it’s between those who are actually working and creating value and those who are just leeching off of them.

I think we’ve coddled unions far too long. They have ran dozens of states into the ground through never making any concessions and demanding that broke taxpayers give over even more of their dollars to the unions’ pension funds. This is absurd. And with the violence going on, it’s clear they’ve crossed a serious line.

No more. We should not be putting up with this crap. They’re adults, and Americans to boot. They should start acting like it.

First, we must move to ban all public-sector unions everywhere. We cannot and should not ban private-sector unions, as those are—or at least, supposed to be—totally voluntary associations. But that doesn’t hold for the public sector, where collective bargaining as Franklin Delano Roosevelt of all people said we couldn’t do. Public sector unions are in a position where they elect the people they’re bargaining with. That’s not right; there’s a massive conflict of interest there. And it has led to these unions bankrupting states. It’s time to change that pronto.

No government unions, period.

Second, start pushing on right to work everywhere. No one should be forced to join a union. That’s exactly what this is; it is merely the choice of freedom for anyone to choose whether or not to join a union. These thugs—that’s what they are—are fighting not for better wages or for better working conditions, but for the power to force people to bow down at their feet. They’re petty tyrants throwing a very violent temper tantrum the state isn’t condoning their force against honest Americans.

I’m not sure I agree on a national right-to-work law; there is still a bit of a federalist in me. But the heck with it; if that’s what we need, then do it. Enough of this.

We’ve let unions hound us and harass us for long enough. It’s time to take the fight back to the unions and let them know who truly is boss: the American taxpayer in the public sector, and the company’s customers in the private sector.

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