Steven Crowder assaulted by union thug

Earlier today, pro-union protesters violently tore down at a tent setup by Americans for Prosperity at an event in Lansing, Michigan. Businessweek explained that the protesters “[tore] down a tent set up by Americans for Prosperity, overturning tables and stamping on signs.”

More video of this act of violence has surfaced via Twitter and other social networking sites, including this video from inside the AFP tent:

Another video from outside the AFP tent also shows pro-union protesters trying to silence and intimidate right-to-work supporters, including the person who was capturing the incident on video:

Unfortunately, it seems that the attack on AFP was only part of the story. Steven Crowder, who asking protesters questions about their opposition to right-to-work legislation, got caught in the middle of it all when a pro-union thug started throwing punches:

Stay classy, unions. Stay classy.

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