Our Time For Choosing

Our rulers in Washington DC are fighting over the so-called “fiscal cliff” which means that at the end of the year a bunch of “spending cuts” and tax increases will take effect causing all sorts of calamities. Our wonderful representatives in Congress and our brilliant President/Messiah, Barack Obama are trying to work out a “balanced” deal to make everything alright. The “balanced” deal appears to be we raise taxes today, especially on the evil “rich”, and that we cut spending in a few years (ie. never). No one on Capitol Hill dares to suggest that instead of asking American taxpayers to pay more taxes that we actually, you know cut spending. The fiscal cliff debate is actually America’s time for choosing of whether or not we will be a country that values freedom and liberty or we will be a country subservient to the state.

Both parties proposals’ are generally the same. Higher taxes, no real spending cuts, and no real entitlement reform. The only differences are the numbers and who benefits and who loses. There is no real choice for those of us who believe in liberty and freedom. The Republican Party, which is supposed to be the party of limited government, is now actively purging fiscal conservatives from important committee positions. What are those of us who believe in liberty supposed to do?

The solution is simple, we must launch a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. We need encourage our libertarian friends to abandon the Libertarian Party, which has accomplished a grand total of nothing in its 40 years of existence. Conservatives and libertarians need to get involved in the Republican party, especially on the local level. Work your way up the party ranks and eventually become the establishment.

At the same time, we need to primary big government Republicans and if necessary, use third party efforts to defeat them. We may have to come to the conclusion that the Republican Party is beyond repair and start laying the foundations of a new center-right party to replace it.

Finally, back to the fiscal cliff issue. Republicans must hold the line on taxes at all costs. There is no opportunity to win entitlement reform and there is no opportunity to win spending cuts. Frankly, defense is in need of cuts as well. If the GOP does hold the line on taxes, it may not win this battle, but it will benefit in 2014 and 2016 as it becomes a credible alternative to the Democrats. If the GOP surrenders, even if it is just to “close loopholes”, it will die. Why should the American people vote for Democrat-lite?

If we are destined to lose, let’s fight and die with honor on our principles.

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