Charles Barkley says carrying a gun gives him a ‘sense of peace’

Charles Barkley

Thanks to Bob Costas firing off his mouth Sunday night, guns are in the limelight again.  I’ve written a fair amount this week all on my lonesome, and I’m not the only writer who has devoted some ink (digital or otherwise) to Costas and his comments.

Now, however, Charles Barkley has reportedly come out in favor of the right to keep and bear arms according to a report at

On the show, Barkley says he’s “carried a gun in my car, every day of my life since I was 21 or 22 — never had to use it.”

On Costas Tonight, Barkley addresses broader issues. He says, “Especially in the black culture, it’s a crime culture. We, as black people, and I always say ‘we’, we won’t have respect, we don’t have respect for each other. We have more black men in prison than we do in college, and crime in our neighborhoods is running rampant. I know everybody reacts when something like the Belcher thing happens. But being black, this is something you deal with all the time, and it’s just sad. I’m a guy and I carry a gun.”

Would he use it? Says Barkley: “I feel a sense of peace when I have it with me, but it would take extreme circumstances for me to even touch it.”

Barkley believes that discussions about Javon Belcher and what he did should instead focus on domestic violence.  Honestly, I can’t argue with that in the least.

The comments came as Barkley joined Costas and tennis great John McEnroe on the set of Costas Tonight which was already recorded prior to the comments and set to air on NBC Sports tonight.

For what it’s worth, McEnroe voiced his own comments against guns, citing report for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to disarm as many people in New York City as possible.  It’s interesting to note McEnroe was known for his temper tantrums during his playing days.  Personally, I’m wondering if McEnroe doesn’t trust himself with a gun, so he sees no problem disarming other people.

On the flip side, Barkley seems to understand that there are violent people in this world who will do violent things.  While it’s unlikely one will ever face such evil, it’s better to be prepared for it than to just pretend it’s not out there.

Barkley talks pure sense, while Costas and McEnroe?  Not so much.

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