THIS is why so many actually fear Obama

Obama scares the pants off of a lot of folks.  Yeah, I’m one of them.  Now, a lot of those terrified are conspiracy theorists who are convinced that Obama seeks nothing less than a complete dictatorship.  I’m not one of those.

Unfortunately though, I’m afraid that Obama’s so-called “leadership” will send us down that rabbit hole anyways.  Part of that is that, while I believe he has noble intentions, his policies are wrongheaded.  Another part is the idea that so many of my fellow Americans have regarding Obama as some kind of messiah.

Actor Jamie Foxx, and his comments calling Obama “our lord and savior” have already made the rounds.  However, this video shows just how prevelant similar line of thoughts actually are:

Now, there is a line of these kids saying they should take responsibility for their own future, which is good, but it kind of goes against everything else they’re screaming about.  They each relay their hopes for what they want to be “when they grow up”, starting with, “Because of Obama…”

The BDU pages, black t-shirts, coupled with the ideologically driving chants can be pretty chilling.  Especially for what appear to be impressionable high school students.

Now, I want to point out that I have seen no evidence that Obama, the White House, or the Federal government had anything to do with this routine.  This is a lone actor, as best I can tell, but it’s also creepy as hell.

Presidents are men.  Some are good men, some aren’t.  None are dieties, and it bothers me that some seem to think they are.  Yes, this happens with both parties, but at least Republicans waiting to diefy Reagan until after he was out of office.


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