3 Things the GOP Needs to Do (assuming they want to win national elections in the foreseeable future)

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This weekend I watched the final quarter of the Texas A&M and Alabama game. I’m not much of a college football fan, but it was an interesting game to watch. Alabama was playing at home, and in the last couple of minutes of the game, managed to lost a game they had plenty of opportunities to win.

After the game was over, the TV cameras focused on some of the fans whose expressions spoke volumes: “Woah. What just happened?”

Election Night for the GOP was similarly shocking. They were sure they would beat Obama this year. He had a record of more debt, and they had the Comeback Team. Never mind the fact that the Comeback Team was a pair of lackluster career politicians whose primary selling point was that neither had the surname Obama.

And now, like Alabama’s football team, the Republican Party has to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. Like many political bloggers, I have a few suggestions.

Stop hating free markets.

The Republicans are supposed to be the party that values free markets, but there are few Republican politicians willing to take a stand for truly free markets. They insist on “doing something rather than doing nothing,” which means government intervention where it shouldn’t be found. Get the government out of the markets, and let the market corrections happen.

Stop hating people.

Whether we’re talking about blacks, Hispanics, gays, or women, the GOP has a reputation for hatred. Nobody will vote for a politician they are convinced hates them. And why would they? It makes no sense. The Republicans – as a whole – need to work to change this reputation they’ve earned. That means recognizing that all Americans deserve equal protection and treatment under the law.

Stop hating fiscal sanity.

What happens when somebody suggests balancing our budget in the next few years? He’s ridiculed. What happens when somebody else, pretending to be fiscally realistic, suggests balancing the budget in 20 or 30 years? He gets selected to run for Vice President. Republicans are addicted to spending just as much as the Democrats. They need to stop hating fiscal sanity and wake up to the reality that our economy can’t sustain the debt they’ve been piling on.

There are plenty of other things the GOP needs to do, but these points are good places to start. It won’t happen overnight, but the trend of hatred needs to change if the Republican Party hopes to remain relevant become relevant again.

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