“I have yet to find one crime that Stalin committed.”

The Young Americans for Liberty hosted a debate at Montclair State University. During the question and answer section, the debater representing the liberal position claimed that communist Russia was not responsible for any deaths.

Professor Grover Furr insisted in the face of student questioning that Joseph Stalin was not responsible for the genocide for which he’s infamous.

In college I remember running into supposedly enlightened Trotskyites who would timidly defend the Soviet Union through claims of bias in American history books. But this is taking it to a new level.

According to a Soviet weekly newspaper, Stalin killed roughly 40,000,000 people. Communism, with its disregard of the primacy of the individual, is a brutal, immoral philosophy leading to upwards of 100,000,000 deaths, according to the Big Black Book of Communism.

Furr, who has authored several books on the topic of Marxism, also insisted that the United States has the lowest standard of living among industrialized developed countries.

This should be a reminder as to why conspiracy theories and fringe voices must be ignored. The ability to think this way is a dangerous form of insanity.

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