Rep. Tom Graves presents a new vision for the Republican Study Committee

Tom Graves

With the election finally over, Republicans in Congress will soon being electing leaders for the next session. There are signs that GOP leadership in the House are already starting to waiver. That’s why strong voices are need to keep them accountable.

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) has been a voice for fiscal conservatism in the House, fighting for real spending cuts, tax reform, and solving the looming crisis with entitlements. With more than 160 members in its ranks, the RSC will play a significant role in the discussion over fiscal policy in the House over the next two years and it needs a new leader, a fresh face with strong ideas on these important issues.

On Wednesday, Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA), who is running for chairman of the RSC, explaining his vision for the group as conservatives in Congress enter tough times. Calling it “RSC 2.0,” Graves said that his “mission for RSC is rooted in three parts: Casting a Vision. Building Consensus. Achieving Results.” In his e-mail, Graves also notes, “The challenges we will face in the next two years are predictable and easily forecasted.”

“By Casting a Vision, RSC can plan and prioritize by developing solutions that strategically embrace our conservative principles and align them with tomorrow’s challenges,” Graves explained, adding, “Let’s be proactive, not reactive.” You can read Graves’ full “RSC 2.0” plan at the bottom of the post.

Graves knows that conservatives in the House must accomplish their goals. And, perhaps more importantly, Graves notes, “We can become results driven, with a ‘yes if’ approach instead of ‘no because,’ and equipping RSC members to infuse our ideas throughout the entire legislative process, not just on the floor.”

Graves also sent around this video to colleages:

I got to know Graves when he was serving in the Georgia General Assembly. He was the the leader of the 216 Group, a small organization of fiscally conservative Georgia House members who sought to hold leadership accountable on spending. I was proud to support him when he first ran for Congress in 2010. Endorsed by the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks in his bid for Congress, Graves has been a consistent voice on fiscal issues in Congress.

Graves, who has received support from RSC Founders, will have competition in Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). Scalise has indicated that he wants the RSC to work closely with Speaker John Boehner and voted with House leadership on the debt ceiling deal last year and appropriations bills this year.

According to FreedomWorks, Scalise received score of 82% during the last Congress. The Club for Growth gave Scalise a score of 84%. However, Graves received a 94% from FreedomWorks and 100% with the Club for Growth.

Graves is clearly the better choice to lead the RSC. He’s consistent, bright, and can articulate and constrast a fiscally conservative message, not just against Democrats, but to Republicans who are willing to break their word to taxpayers.

The election will be held on Thursday, November 15th. Let’s hope the members of the RSC choose wisely.

Tom Graves: RSC 2.0


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