Bad Early Voting Numbers in Ohio

As Ohio seems to be the most important swing state (again!) the national media has turned its focus to the Buckeye State. And all morning on Twitter, pundits have been discussing early voting numbers posted by the Cincinnati Enqurier:


So what’s wrong with these numbers, which look very favorable for Gov. Mitt Romney?

Ohio doesn’t count votes before election day, and these numbers are fake! Even though the website still loads at 11:22 AM and is being re-tweeted around the world, The Enqurier finally posted an apology:


A front-page link to a chart with dummy data, created as a design template for election results, was inadvertently posted early Tuesday morning.

It purported to show early voting totals in Ohio counties. However, no votes have been counted yet – by law counting doesn’t start until the polls close. regrets the error.

This certainly won’t be the only major media screw up of the day, so its important for bloggers to keep an eye out for such nonsense.

And in other Ohio news, an important anti-voter fraud campaign has been barred from operating in Columbus (Franklin County).


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