So much for the “Peace President”: US to Invade Mali?

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From the AP, it appears we may be invading yet another third-world country:

ALGEIRS, Algeria (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sought Algeria’s assistance on Monday for any future military intervention in Mali, pressing the North African nation to provide intelligence — if not boots on the ground — to help rout the al-Qaida-linked militants across its southern border.

Clinton, on the first stop of a five-day trip overseas, met with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika as the United States and its allies ramped up preparations to fight northern Mali’s breakaway Islamist republic.

When Mali’s democratically elected leader was ousted in a military coup in March, Tuareg rebels seized on the power vacuum and within weeks took control of the north, aided by an Islamist faction. The Islamists then quickly ousted the Tuaregs and took control of half the country.

So much for Barack Obama being the peace president, ending the disastrous interventionist foreign policy of George W. Bush. Have we learned nothing in the past decade? We go into Afghanistan to kick out the Taliban and “restore democracy,” and end up getting Harmid Karzai, more Islamists, and a bunch of people who hate us. We go into Iraq to kick out Saddam Hussein, and what we get is a country wracked by violence and bloodshed, more militant Islamists, and a bunch of people who hate us. We go into Libya to help with that country’s rebellion, and what do we get? An unstable country, a bunch of Islamists, and four dead Americans—including our Ambassador.

Every US foreign intervention—or, at least, 99% of them—is a disaster. We never have enough information on the ground, we have no idea what is going on. We go in to bring democracy and stop terrorists, and we end up breeding thousands of terrorists and bringing dictatorship and theocracy instead.

How much more American blood we will shed to water the soil of foreign lands? How much more foreign blood will we drain to fill the goblets of vote-hungry politicians in DC who want to appear to be “doing something”? How many more failures must we slam head first into before we realize that we cannot be the world’s policeman and that we cannot intervene in other people’s affairs, moving them around like pieces on a chessboard?

This is the bipartisen hubris that pervades Washington. The left certainly revels in it, as their antiwar movement packed up and disappeared within 24 hours of Obama’s election. The right always revels in it, wondering why on Earth we haven’t bombed Iran and invaded Syria yet.

This has got to stop. We have got to stop killing people, because that is all we’re doing. We’re not “restoring democracy,” we’re not “bringing stability,” we’re not “protecting” anyone. Any time we intervene in a foreign land with military forces or military support, we kill people. Period. We’re not doing anything else. It’s time to stop the rivers of blood.

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