American Crossroads launches $11 million push in swing states

Barack Obama

With the election now under three weeks away, outside groups are pouring money into swing states that could tip the presidential election. American Crossroads, a “super PAC” co-founded by Karl Rove which has already spent millions in toss-up Senate races, has launched an $11 million ad buy in eight swing states — including Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia, hoping to help defeat President Barack Obama’s bid for re-election.

The ad kicks off with President Obama, shown on a television inside a kitchen, talking, but quickly fades into a larger shot of a woman who begins asking questions about the lack of jobs, more national debt, and diminished family income under his administration:

At the Washington Examiner, David Freddeso notes that the ad is aimed at women, an important voting bloc that Republicans have struggled with this cycle. But recent polling from Gallup shows Romney picking up support among women, which could help bolster him in these important swing states.

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