Electoral Vote: Romney surges in swing state polls

On Monday, Mitt Romney was down in the electoral vote count by 126 votes, but new polls have been reported out of all important swing states that have completely turned the race for the White House on its head.

It may just be a blip thanks to his strong performance last week — what Gallup says is biggest debate win ever, but if you’re working for President Obama right now, you’re no doubt in a panic. According to the latest Real Clear Politics averages out of swing states, Romney now holds slight leads in Colorado and Florida. He’s down by less than a point in Ohio and Virginia.

There are also reports that Romney’s campaign has closed the early voter gap in a few important states and, playing to his advantage, polling out of swing states shows that Republicans are more enthusiastic than Democrats.

With all of the new data in play, here is a look at the Electoral College as of this morning. While President Obama still maintains lead, it is, as you can see, shrinking, as Romney adds Colorado and Florida to his count, pushing his total to 244 (270 electoral votes are needed to win):

Electoral Vote for 10/10/12

While this is good news for Romney’s campaign, his supporters need to understand three things: 1) National polls may show the pulse of the nation, but they don’t matter; 2) It’s getting close, but he’s still losing the Electoral College; and 3) This race isn’t over. As quickly as things have turned in Romney’s direction, there are still 27 days to go until the all votes are counted. That’s an eternity in electoral politics.

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