Who I Support For President?

Vote No One 2012Election Day is November 6 and I need to decide who I’m going to support for president.

There’s the incumbent, Barack Obama. Should I give him four more years? However, the problem is, I don’t approve of the four years he has already served. His signature law is Obamacare which is a tax increase on the middle class and the government takeover of our healthcare system. Nor do I approve of his administration continuing to enact budgets that increase the national debt by $1 trillion every year he has been office. I also do not approve of his administration’s foreign policy which is an incoherent continuation of the Bush foreign policy.

I do not approve of this administration’s social policy which appears to support a nanny state to combat everything from obesity to bullying, nor am I impressed with his very recent, election change of heart on gay marriage. I am also opposed to the continued funding of Planned Parenthood, the crack down on medical marijuana in states where it is legal, and the nationalization/federalization of just about everything. I definitely will not support Barack Obama’s reelection.

Then there is Mitt Romney. The fact of the matter is, either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be taking the oath of office on January 20, 2013. I could vote for Mitt Romney just to get rid of Barack Obama, but there’s a few problems with that. First of all, I don’t tactically vote anymore. Secondly, I live in Louisiana and this state will go overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney, therefore if I did tactically vote, it would be meaningless. Third, I do not support Mitt Romney’s candidacy. I do not see a coherent stance on foreign policy or any policy for that matter. I certainly do not see a man who is willing to take the bold steps necessary to right our country’s financial ship and to stop spending more money than we take in. Romney scares me when he says he will “repeal and replace” Obamacare because he is the architect of Romneycare, which was the precursor to Obamacare.

Romney’s overall record as governor of Massachusetts is left of center and he has been trying to reinvent himself since he left office. The man simply cannot be trusted on anything. Finally, there is a cold arrogance and elitism to Mitt Romney. I believe this is a man who simply despises large segments of the American population. A president of the United States must represent all Americans and I do not believe Mitt Romney can do that.

Which leads to me to the person many of my readers think I’m about to endorse, Gary Johnson. I do agree with Gary Johnson more than any other presidential candidate. However, I cannot support him or vote for him. First of all, I have major disagreements with him on his two major economic issues, the Fair Tax and introducing a balanced budget in his first year. While I do applaud Johnson for actually being serious about addressing our nation’s economic problems, unlike Obama and Romney, I think both policies are the wrong approach. I do not support the Fair Tax because I do not believe it could ever be enacted into law and I do not think you can collect a 30% sales tax without massive tax evasion. What I do support is a flat income tax of around 17% or so. I do not support cutting the budget by 43% in one year because I believe it would cause massive economic disruption and Governor Johnson has not outlined what exactly he will cut. However, I do support getting to a balanced budget by the end of a first term. Finally, I am concerned by the lack of policy details and general policy knowledge by Johnson. We do not need another president who needs on the job training.

Who Do I Support?

In good conscience I cannot support anyone running for President. I will not be voting on November 6th for President. I am undecided on voting in other races.

Some of you may say, “Kevin, by not voting; you can’t complain” or “you’re not doing your civic duty” or “you’re not letting your voice be heard”. I disagree strongly. I feel my choice is letting my voice heard, I do not see a competent candidate running that I can support. I would not be doing my civic duty casting a ballot for someone just because they have the “right” party label after their names. As for “not complaining”, I’ll let the First Amendment take care of that. Besides, I live in Louisiana, a state that Mitt Romney will win overwhelmingly, my puny little vote will have no say anyway. I would be better off buying a Powerball ticket and trying to win it (after all, it is over $200 million as of writing). Finally, on Election Day, I would have been a resident of Louisiana for less than 2 months. I cannot cast an informed ballot in a state in a state I have not lived in over 3 1/2 years. I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.

I do not have a problem with voting in general. I do believe in a liberal democratic republic. I also believe that not voting is casting a ballot in itself. I have consistently urged my readers to vote their conscience, as I am doing in my own way.


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