Can Obama’s Campaign Get Any Freakier?


I’m going to admit, I’ve been pretty freaked out by the Obama campaign this year. I’ve seen them ask people to forgo birthday presents and instead ask for money to be donated to the campaign. That one gave me chills, honestly (Ha Ha, my pretty! All your presents are belong to me!) We’ve had some pretty creepy emails earlier in the year, including “Wishing Michelle Obama a Happy Mother’s Day.” (Some sound like they were written by a dejected stalker.)

And now we have this very creepy image of Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, and this photo of celebrities with hand signs of loyalty to the president.

Isn’t this just beyond the pale, just a little bit?

I hate to say this, because I know every single person is going to say “GODWIN!” but back in the thirties there was this political demagogue in Germany who had his fans give a very distinctive hand salute, and they all used it, and they became something of a cult. Yes, I’m talking about Hitler. And while I don’t think that Obama is a fascist, the similarities are kinda hard to ignore.

Just look at David Harsanyi’s visual recollection of this group. It’s weird and bizarre. And while we’ve had others in American politics who have earned this sort of following (Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul on the right) it is scary to think that millions of Americans have become so sycophantic of this incumbent president. This is America. We don’t worship our leaders, we criticize the hell out of them. To me, this is alien.┬áMaybe they’re just being egged on by really bizarre and freaky campaign managers, but still.

It does make you wonder, though, when they will finally break down and just admit this is the campaign’s theme song:

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