“A Revolution to Overthrow Capitalism”

OWS goons

A few weeks ago we brought you a video from an Occupy meeting where the stated goal was to overthrow capitalism. A few commenters took issue with this, claiming it was an isolated statement and that Occupy is a loose-knit group.

I had the opportunity to be with the Occupy protesters at the RNC and the DNC over the past few weeks and I can assuredly tell you that it is not an isolated statement.  True, there are many groups represented at the demonstrations, and maybe not all of them will outright say that they want to overthrow capitalism. But when you promote a socialist economy, by definition you are advocating the overthrow of capitalism.

I covered the “March on the RNC” in Tampa and was able to have a conversation with a socialist marcher about the economy:

A few of his comments deserve special attention.

“We need to tax the wealthiest people in the country, who aren’t paying their fair share - it’s not shared sacrifice for them.”

This is a common refrain among not only the Occupy movement but among liberals in general.  Consider that the top 20 percent of earners - going way beyond the famed 1 percent - makes a little more than half the money yet pays two-thirds of the federal taxes.  And once you hit $200,000 in adjusted gross income, your tax rate nearly doubles - going from an average of 11.9 percent to 19.6 percent.

“We need a revolution to overthrow capitalism and take society into a socialist direction.” Then we can have “a high standard of living, living wage for everyone, public healthcare.”

But where will the money come from? Here is where logic breaks down and pure class envy takes over.

“The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough money to go around - problem is that money is all being taken by the 1%.”

Being taken by? As if there is just one pie of resources and money that has to be allocated among people, and that if one person has so much, another person has less? Perhaps the people in the ono percent earned it?

“What we first have to do is ask ourselves, are they really being hurt by the recession? Do they really need their money back?”

And the answer is, if the collectivists decide the private banking institutions don’t “need” their money, they don’t get it back? I guess this is how the government gets the money to create the living wage and give all the goodies out. And when that money runs out, where to? Who/what is the next victim of the always-hungry monster of entitlements?

Trying to have a conversation with a socialist about this issue is one of the most frustrating experiences in life. They have zero understanding of how wealth is created. Their core belief is that the collective wisdom of the workers can dictate how a country’s resources is best allocated rather than letting individual choices shape supply and demand. The problem is, socialism and communism have been tried and failed around the globe. And if there is no agreement on core beliefs, there is no starting point for a conversation on how to move forward to bring prosperity back to the United States.

The economic ignorance shown in this exchange is staggering. But that’s just funny, not scary, right? No. If history has taught us one thing, it is that ignorance IS to be feared.  Useful idiots are created from these ignorant minds - fears and jealousies are preyed upon by charismatic personalities who create cult followings as they slowly stir this mass into a violent rage. Once the mood has reached a fever pitch, revolution ensues. France, Russia, Germany, China, Korea, Vietnam - the list goes on.  It’s the same cycle. We know all ignorance cannot be cured, but we must work to at least cure the economic ignorance in our country. Its future depends on it.

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