Barack Obama reaches out to stoners

Last week, the Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce grabbed some headlines when it endorsed President Barack Obama for re-election. Most Americans probably aren’t paying attention to what an obviously pro-pot group does or says, but the endorsement was really a head-scratcher, even if they view Obama as an alternative to Romney.

But a new web ad featuring Kal Penn and John Cho, stars of the Harold and Kumar flicks, Obama shows that the is making a hard push for the pot smokers of America:

Most young voters may think it’s cool that President Obama is trying to relate to them by showing the two stars from this generation’s “Cheech and Chong.” But before pot smokers start getting head over heels for Obama, they may want to stop and look at some basic truths.

That’s right, folks, the war on drugs is still raging as hard as ever before. Medical marijuana users, even those from states that allow its purchase, are still being targeting by the DEA and federal prosecutors. But if you’re not going to listen to me, listen to Penn Jillette, who lit into President Obama back in May over his admitted past drug use and hypocrisy in prosecuting people for using the same drugs he once used:

But no, let’s continue looking to President Obama has some sort of hero. Let’s ignore the fact that his Department of Justice continues to prosecute people and destroy families over victimless crimes. Maybe Jacob Sullum is right, perhaps voters are too stupid to see that his drug policies are terrible. Move along, there’s nothing to see here.

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