Pandering to Idiots: How Obama Flip-Flops

Jorge Gonzalez is a motion designer and political activist living and working in Midtown Atlanta. In his free time, he enjoys filming, photography, and reading.

I recently had a discussion with a close friend of mine who is a very “progressive” guy. He’s the type that buys into all the horror stories about Republicans and libertarians. You know, we don’t care about the poor or women’s rights or worker’s rights and we’re cruel, intolerant etc etc. He started off the conversation by claiming “Romney panders to stupid people. Obama does not…Obama doesn’t bend his beliefs to fit an uneducated and sensationalistic base.” If you didn’t fall out of your chair just now at the sheer stupidity and myopia of a statement like that, then I ask you to read on, dear Reader, because what follows may be of interest to you.

Now let me start off by saying that I am no fan of Mitt Romney. I will not be voting for him and in many ways his positions are the antithesis to much of what I believe. Let me also say that yes, I agree with my friend that Romney will say and “believe” anything to assuage the concerns of his idiotic base in hopes of securing their votes. It’s a base filled with xenophobes, nativists, jingoists, and irrational religionists. But to suggest that Obama’s base does not also consist of such an assortment of fools strikes me as a monumental inability to understand political constituencies clearly and it’s intellectually dishonest. Obama’s base is filled with nativists, collectivists, irrational religionists, jingoists, and protectionists. The suggestion that he doesn’t bend his beliefs or panders to stupid people to secure votes or support is, well, idiotic. Obama is just as bad of flip-flopper as Romney and in many ways Obama’s flips and flops are much more egregious.

In 2007, then-candidate Obama pandered to bigots and idiots by not coming out in favor of gay marriage then. No, instead, Obama, (who in 1996 told a newspaper in Illinois that he supported gay marriage — while seeking his first term as state senator — and then in 1998 when running for re-election stated that his position on the issue was “undecided”) in 2008 came out in support of Civil Unions. Not marriage. Oh no, he learned that that position carries a heavy political cost given his vacillation in 1998. And then, after 3 and half years of treating citizens unequally, he supports gay marriage because polls show a majority of American’s are cool with it, and well, he needs the money from LGBT groups desperately. But wait, he doesn’t support it all the way really. You see, it should be left up to the States to decide how to deal with the issue. I wonder how a black man makes the argument that a certain subset of the population should have their civil rights left up to state legislators? So, even in support of gay marriage, Obama panders to his african- american base that is filled with anti-gay bigots and idiots in order to not exact too large a political toll on his reelection aspirations. But don’t tell my buddy. Remember, Obama doesn’t pander to idiots. Nor does he bend his beliefs to cater to the whims of his idiotic constituencies.

Or what about when Obama promised not be a drug warrior? He promised to leave medical marijuana and it’s legal state up to the States, and then he was elected and things changed. Dramatically. Obama is worse on medical marijuana dispensaries than his Republican predecessor. Why the change you think? Supposedly, senior Obama advisors believe a tough-on-pot stance will shore up support among seniors in key swings states as well as to play to Southerner’s attitudes in swing states like Virginia and North Carolina. So again, here we have Obama reversing himself and treating “peaceful Americans who chose to use intoxicants not approved of by the U.S. government” in order to pander to fools and religionists and nanny statists who think it’s their duty to keep people from doing something peaceful and harmless. But don’t tell my buddy this, because if you recall, Obama doesn’t bend his beliefs to idiots.

If my memory serves me correctly, then-candidate Obama also promised to utilize a much less aggressive foreign policy. I suppose that would explain why, as President Obama, he not only argued for but supported regime change in Libya using our military and making war by launching missiles and using drones in support of ground forces all without Congressional approval, escalated the war in Afghanistan, replaced torturing suspected terrorists with just outright assassinations including assassinating US Citizens, entered the sovereign airspace of three more countries and launched hellfires at targets on the ground there, and instead of giving terrorist detainees trials in civilian courts like he ran on, he instead did the Bush thing and went with military tribunals. All things he did to secure the votes of Democrats who had become much more hawkish on US foreign policy after September 11th. So, there, once more, Obama bends his beliefs to the will of jingoistic idiots within his party and to secure the allegiance of independent voters with a more jingoistic streak in them. But please, don’t tell my buddy…or the media for that matter because only Mitt Romney is the flip flopper that caters to knuckledragging war mongers.

During the 2008 election, Obama promised that by end of his first term he would cut the deficit in half. We all know how that’s gone. Of course, now, he makes similar pledges but appeals to the collectivist myrmidons and economic dullards in his base by playing the class warfare card and blaming our deficits on the wealthy not paying enough in taxes. Here is some truth for the idiots in his base who think raising taxes will fix the problem. If you eliminate the Bush aka Chimpy McHitler* tax cuts on “millionaires and billionaires” (Obama’s words for anyone making more than $250,000 which you should know $250k does not a millionaire or billionaire make, but if you’re an idiot in his base that fact will probably escape you) you may want to do some math because raising those taxes will only generate you about $700 billion in revenues over the next 10 years. Sounds good right? Except our budget is about $3.55 trillion over the next 10 years. So while this class warfare gets sweaty, bike riding idiot liberals all hot and bothered, the fact is, Obama is playing to your stupidity because he knows it ain’t going to make a difference. He says he can cut the deficit in half and he knows it plays to people who pretend to care about the deficit, but if his 3 yrs in office show anything it’s that he could care less about the deficit and he played his collectivist and “deficit minded” progressives for the idiots they are. This isn’t a case of Obama changing his mind as much as it an example of Obama pandering to economics impaired imbeciles.

There’s also plenty that can be said about Team Obama’s demagoguery of success, of Mitt Romney the out-of-touch, murderous, money grubbing capitalist Mormon and cruel, Ayn Rand loving running-mate, Paul Ryan. You know using sensationalism to stoke class warfare and the worst kind of divisiveness there is politics. But then, Obama doesn’t senationalize in order to stir the passions of his fawning idiot constituents…or does he?

Two more and we’ll be done.

As a candidate Obama promised to approach illegal immigration in a much humane manner. That’s a position I can agree with. His governance has been anything but humane. As a candidate, he promised to create a path to citizenship, and as President he had the majorities in Congress to be able to get that done, but he didn’t. Instead he has deported more than 1 million illegal immigrants as of March 2012. That’s a million deportations in a little over 3 years. Bush or, pardon me, Chimpy McHitler, managed 1.5 million in 8 years. And why do you think this might be? Maybe to pander to his union base chock full of nativists and protectionists? Wouldn’t want those illegals pushing down wages or “taking our jarbs!!!” It really makes you scratch you head to hear candidate Obama on immigration and then to see what he has done to pander to key constituencies in swing state like Ohio and Pennsylvania and Colorado. But I ask you to recall that in this election, the flip flopping cruel, inhumane one is Mitt Romney and only Mitt Romney.

And the coup de gras is Obama on Obamacare. As a Candidate Obama said the following: “If a mandate was the solution, we could solve homelessness by mandating everybody buy a house.” Many times, Candidate Obama argued against the individual mandate. Check out this video, it’s Obama in his words. And yet, we got an individual mandate in his health care reform. At the time he was saying no to the mandate, once again, he was pandering to his constituents in order to scare them about the cost of a mandate. Then he became President. And the individual mandate to purchase health care became the corner stone of the legislation. Having also promised not to raise taxes on the middle class, many detractors argued that the mandate was a tax. Obama, however, knowing that if he said it was a tax, it would cost him politically and would break his campaign promise of not raising taxes on the middle-class, argued vociferously that it wasn’t a tax. All the while, dear reader, his administration was arguing in front federal court after federal court that the mandate could be justified as a tax. This is a perfect case of “tell your voters one thing because they are idiots and don’t follow the details that closely but do another thing that it too abstract for your idiot constituents to follow.” Well, low and behold, the mandate is a tax according to the Supreme Court (under one of the most tortured reasonings I’ve ever read come from the High Court). And another case of the flip flopping is that Obama very clearly told us that if you like your healthcare provider, under his plan, you could keep it. Not so. And what about his claims about how his plan controls costs? Again, false. Once more, pandering to idiots who should know better but whose support he needs. Neither my buddy nor the media need know any of this. It doesn’t quite fit the narrative.

President Obama’s campaign and his governance has been Machiavellian. Say one thing, do another and never let your voters know exactly what you’re doing. Play on voters’ fear by demonizing your opponent and distorting him into a diabolical caricature. It seems that the essence of hope and change is to find enough idiots to buy into your garbage, then get elected, lie about what you’re doing or just do the opposite or obfuscate what you’re doing to ensure those idiots never know they just got bent over. And then, come election season again, those same idiots will bend their knees and vote exactly as before because it isn’t the truth they are interested in. They don’t really care about whether Romney was responsible for the death of a plant worker’s wife, they don’t care if their President lied to them on nearly every major point of policy. They are interested in only one thing: does the candidate have a D or R after their name. And that, my friends, is the most idiotic part of it all.

*as non-divisive unity loving liberals fondly called him

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