FreePAC may be the alternative for libertarians


There has been a lot of debate among conservatives whether libertarians should be welcome at CPAC, an annual gathering of right-leaning activists in Washington. The most recent CPAC saw libertarians left out in the cold thanks to a heavier emphasis on social conservatives.

While libertarians are often told by conservatives that we need to get on their “team” in order to beat back government overreach from Washington, they largely want us to take a back seat. Some libertarians have chosen to work inside the Republican Party through the Republican Liberty Caucus, a group that promotes our ideals. However, they haven’t been very effective.

But this past Thursday in Dallas, FreedomWorks hosted FreePAC, a one-day event that brought together activists, both conservatives and libertarians, to help plan a grassroots strategy ahead of the general election in November. Speakers at FreePAC included Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee as well as hopefuls like Ted Cruz and Richard Mourdock. Glenn Beck, Dick Armey, Dean Clancy, and Matt Kibbe also provided attendees with words of encouragement to help get them motivated to fight the growth in government that we’re seeing.

While I wasn’t able to go, what I’ve heard from my libertarian friends who went is that FreePAC is really the shot in the arm that the Liberty Movement needs. They did it with less controversy and no compromise.

We’ve spent some time lately debating fusionism, but if there is a place for libertarians at all in the movement, it’s going to be through events like FreePAC. As libertarians, aren’t too thrilled with Republicans or conservatives. But we can’t separate ourselves from those that share some common-ground. CPAC is obviously not that place, at least not any longer. The RLC, while it serves a purpose, isn’t either. FreePAC may well provide us with a place to share ideas with those who are working to promote free markets.

If you’re like me, and missed the event, here are some videos to give you a taste of FreePAC.

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