Obama wins coveted Hugo Chavez endorsement

Hugo Chavez

And yes, the title is meant to be funny. Venezuela’s socialist dictator, Hugo Chavez, recently said some nice things about President Barack Obama and took some shots at this opponent, Mitt Romney:

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez has signaled a preference in the U.S. presidential campaign by comparing Mitt Romney to his own challenger.

Chavez, who is up for re-election a month before U.S. President Barack Obama, has in recent weeks expressed a clear preference for the man currently in the White House.

In a campaign speech Saturday night, Chavez equated the agenda of his challenger, Henrique Capriles, with that of Romney, saying both men represent the callously selfish capitalist elite.
“I believe the person to best explain the loser’s agenda isn’t Barack Obama but rather Romney, because it’s the extreme right-wing agenda that borders on the fascism of the United States,” Chavez told tens of thousands of supporters in the western city of Maracaibo.

“In the end, it’s the same project,” Chavez said, referring to Obama as “a good guy.”

Chavez’s “good guy” comment was in context of calling Obama the “president of an empire.” Still it’s a kind of humorous that Chavez, who has gone to extremes to nationalize parts of his country’s economy, would tear down Romney, say nice things about Obama, who is often painted as a socialist by his political opponents. And personally, I don’t believe Obama is a socialist. I view both Obama and Romney as corporatists — essentially economic fascists.

This doesn’t figure to be played up much by Team Romney, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it go some sort of passing mention. However, conservatives will no doubt put it out there as another way to poke at Obama.

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