Want to stop jobs from going overseas?


It seems a day doesn’t go by that I don’t see or hear someone complaining about jobs going overseas.  They invariably want the government to do something to keep jobs on American shores.  They blame “greedy corporations” for seeking profit and not looking out for the interests of Americans who desperately need jobs.

Well, those Americans really do need jobs, so here are some helpful tips to help bring those jobs back to American shores.

1. End the unions

Unions are a large chunk of the reason many companies have looked overseas for labor.  Unions, which once existed as a way to deal with abusive management, now seek to line pockets.  Not just theirs, but those of their members.  Through collective bargaining, they have jacked up wages for what are often unskilled positions to a point that borders on the ridiculous.  In some cases, that border is crossed.  Reports of auto workers with high school educations making six figure incomes while not filling any kind of management role are a prime example.

The thing is, non-union shops in the same industries often pay comperable wages.  They simply expect more work out of their employees, minimizing the number of people required.  Companies want the best workers they can get, and even without unions you won’t see wages plummet.  The best and brightest want to be compensated, and they will be.

However, if unions continue to push for more and more, then more and more companies will seek to move their operations overseas.

2. End the EPA

This one is bound to bother the left.  They will argue that without the EPA, companies will pollute us into early graves.  The thing is, they’re wrong.  The same thing can be done through the threat of legal action.  Fear of being sued is incredibly powerful in corporate America, and the threat of bad PR is even more powerful.  Sure, some will try.  They try it now with the EPA supposedly there to watch them like a hawk.

However, the EPA and their regulations - rules passed without Congress having voted on them I might add - create increased cost for companies.  As a result, those companies look for other nations with more relaxed environmental regulations.  The cost to the environment is, at best, the same as without the EPA’s involvement.  At worst, it’s a huge step down since many of these same countries aren’t known for giving their people the right to complain (China, for example?).

3. Pay more for your stuff

Americans love a good deal.  I think it’s encoded in our DNA somehow.  That’s why Walmart is such a successful company.  They offer just about everything you could want, and at a price that’s lower than just about anywhere else.  However, those deals come with strings attached.

You see, the search for deals has made competitors seek new ways to get products at lower costs.  This lets them reduce the price and increases their opportunities to make sales.  When coupled with things like minimum wages (which are the governmental in origin) and our expected standard of living (which isn’t necessarily on the government), it becomes impossible to meet the demand for lower cost.  As such, companies look overseas.

If you want jobs to come back to the United States, you’re going to have to expect to pay more.  Sucks, but that’s just life.  That guy you want to have a high paying job?  Someone’s got to pay for it.  That someone is you and me.

4. Quit saying corporations are evil

Corporations aren’t good or evil.  They’re entities.  They’re a legal construct designed as a way for groups of individuals (who can be good or evil) to do business.  A corporation is incapable of being good or evil.  The people who run them can, but that’s a different matter.

However, there is an opinion among a lot of folks that corporations are evil and they should be taxed into oblivion.  The result of that is many companies look off shore to find places they can operate without such animosity.  The United States has a high corporate tax structure, and many corporations look elsewhere for as much as they can to avoid US taxes.  Changing the laws so that they still get taxed isn’t the answer.

The answer is to cut corporate taxes and lure these companies - and bring the jobs - back to American soil.


The truth of the matter is that corporations didn’t just trot these jobs overseas on a whim.  They were chased their by progressives of both parties who only saw dollar signs rather than employment for millions of Americans.  Want those jobs back?  Then suck it up and get over the idea that these companies owe you anything simply because you think they do.  They don’t.

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