Drones, Drones, and More Drones


The more I write about government oppression and invading privacy rights, the more I think maybe I should get one of those tin foil hats. It’s crazy to think the government is out to get you…right? I’ve written about legislation about flying drones a number of times, but this whole drone war gets more interesting when you really dig into it because there are more drones than just those flying above us.

What about drones on the ground? or underwater drones? The Atlantic had a great piece this week about the different types of drones and what the Pentagon’s vision for those drones over the next few decades. There’s some scary stuff in there. It’s an article really worth your time to read.

Will drones be used for crowd control? Will somebody controlling a drone use more force than a real office on the scene would use? That’s a fair question, one that will unfortunately be answered.

The big question with drones is whether there will always be a human to pull the trigger. How scary is that? The concept that these machines could determine an enemy and decide - on their own - to fire. Um, no thanks. But according to the Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap, drones will become increasingly automated.

Of course, not all uses of drones is awful. The technology can be used to saved lives at times, and when we can risk a piece of equipment in place of a human life in a dangerous situation, we should. But the threat is real that this technology can be used in ways that aren’t so noble, an idea we should reject completely.

Congress needs to be ahead of the curve on drone usage, passing legislation that reinforces Fourth Amendment rights. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time before drones are an unfortunate part of everyday life here in the land of the free.

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