Obama’s Slight of Hand: Offshore Accounts are the New Gay Marriage

As soon as the dismal jobs numbers were announced last week, I started asking what issue would the Obama campaign roll out this week to distract voters from the President’s disastrous record on jobs and the economy.

Over the past few months, the Obama White House has rolled out the President’s half-assed support for same-sex marriage (hey lets let the states vote on it! How Dick Cheney circa 2004), followed by his half-step on immigration (I wonder if Latinos like the taste of crumbs?), and then followed by a trial balloon on marijuana decrim (“Sure my Justice Department has been cracking down on medical marijuana but hey, I need some good buzz”).

Apparently, off shore accounts are the new gay marriage.  The Obama campaign team has been all over the tv blasting Mitt Romney for “secretive offshore accounts.”  Forget the fact that these “secretive” accounts were discovered because they were listed on Romney’s tax returns and disclosure forms!  Never mind the fact that there is nothing illegal about having an offshore account.  Apparently, the Obama campaign hopes that by appealing to the worst in people, by appealing to their petty jealousies and by stoking the embers of class warfare, average Americans will forget that the reason they are so jealous of Mitt is because this President has been a disaster at facilitating an environment in which jobs can be created.

The irony of this debate - apparently lost on the average liberal - is that the offshore accounts they vilify are a product of an overly complex and uncompetetive tax code that liberals are hell bent on DEFENDING.

Hope and Change 2008, has been replaced by Smoke and Mirrors 2012.  So much for Obama the transformational President.

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