How both right and left are wrong following ObamaCare ruling

Now that ObamaCare has been upheld, I look around and see a lot of reactions in the political spheres.  The left is gloating.  The right is rallying behind Romney.  Libertarians such as myself are looking around and seeing exactly what the hell is wrong with this country.

First, to the conservatives.  You’re idiots.  Rallying behind Romney?  He practically gift wrapped ObamaCare for the Democrats.  He can say whatever the heck he wants to now about how he doesn’t support it, but the fact is that he does support individual mandates.  He does support the law.  In fact, he’s not actually saying he disagrees with the policy.  He’s saying he thinks it should be at the state level.  Really?

Conservatives should be ashamed of themselves.  Why?  Their whole schtick of “vote for anyone but a democrat” landed us with people who would appoint John Roberts to be Chief Justice.  Nice freaking job there pals.  Thanks for nothing.  Our nation is screwed, but we got a Republican in the White House that day so it’s all peachy-keen.

To the progressives.  Shut the hell up.  Seriously.  Yes, you won one.  Nice freaking job.  Now, the next time you lose, remember how you’re acting right now.  When Patrick Gaspard, executive director of the DNC posts a tweet saying, “It’s constitutional. Bitches,” then you have zero justification in acting all hurt when salt gets rubbed in your wounds.  NONE!

Of course, also remember this victory when the GOP passes some law that uses just this to justify its existence.  Remeber it was your ideology that let it happen.  Trust me on this, it will happen.  And yet, I suspect you will all conveniently forget this moment and act indignant.  Well, cry me a freaking river.  I’m past caring anymore.

Oh yeah, quit calling it a “victory for the American people”.  Something like 55-60% opposed the individual mandate, so it sounds like most of us lost.  Gloating is bad enough, but to act like we somehow won is ridiculous. Especially when it counts as a tax increase for many of us who have thus far not been required to have health insurance.  If that’s a “win”, then I pray for many more loses.

Meanwhile, libertarians such as myself get to sit here and watch.  We get told that we should “hold our noses” and vote for Romney (ain’t gonna happen).  We get called “bitches” by a man who should know better (and also offered a non-apology for his use of the term on Twitter).  Meanwhile, we see that the door is open for more and more silliness from Congress.  After all, they can clearly require us to buy products or “tax” us for failure to do so.  If they can do that, then they can tax us for everything they want.

Of course, I was somewhat pessimistic from the start.  Why?  Because the tools that make the laws are also the tools that get to pick the justices.  Of course they’re going to appoint people who believe Congress has powers that don’t actually exist, or at the very least believe that those powers encompass more than they were meant to.  I don’t trust the system.  At all.  I don’t trust it because the players aren’t the least bit trustworthy.

Today, we saw a second instance where the rights of people don’t matter.  Easily forgotten after the victories of Heller and McDonald were for gun rights, Kelo stood as a reminder that the Supreme Court isn’t there to protect our rights.  They stand there to protect ideology.  Thanks FDR.



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