Obamacare: Sinks Obama, Teaches Us NOT To Trust Conservatives

First, as you’re probably already aware, the Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare is constitutional, and that the individual mandate is also constitutional, but not as how it was argued in Congress, but rather as a tax. So instead of the extremely dangerous Commerce Clause (which is really, really badly written) we have it surviving under Congress’ taxing power.

This is really just as bad. Although now technically, they can’t “force” us to buy things with Commerce power, the federal government now has absolutely no limits on taxing us. This is going to be 1775 all over again, except we can’t say “No Taxation Without Representation!” (unless we live in DC.)

The one silver lining that some are bringing up is that, because Obama campaigned hard on Obamacare and the mandate not being a tax, and now with SCOTUS saying “it’s a tax,” he’s going to be royally screwed come November. I have to agree with the results; I’ll defer to one of my friends who has this down:

That is pretty much going to ruin Obama’s chances of reelection, especially with so many already up in arms over this (something like 55-60% wanted this law overturned?)

However, as another friend of mine points out, this is no silver lining at all:

So we’re screwed.

What really irks me, though, is the call from those on the right about Roberts. Y’see, it was Chief Justice Roberts—you know, a conservative appointed by a Republican—who saved Obamacare. If it wasn’t for him, the entire law would have been thrown out, and we would have been able to salvage sometihng from our nation. But no. A conservative enlarged state power, crushed our liberties, and has put us so much farther down the road to serfdom its not funny. And then we get things like this:

Spare me. I don’t want to hear this anymore. We get this refrain every goddamn day about how we need “true conservatives,” not “phony” ones. Yet just about every single conservative out there who is actually in office is a phony; I can’t think of any “true conservative” other than, perhaps, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Jeff Flake, Jim DeMint (possibly), Mike Lee….

…you know. Libertarians.

American conservatism is not even really a political philosophy. What it is is merely a resistance to change, a hatred of the future. It wants to go back to the past, even though said past is a mythical fairy tale that never really existed. It is a morally bankrupt ideology. It claims to be about cutting spending and having small government and law and order, but it never follows through. In every goddamn instance conservatives increase the state and increase its power. They trample on individual liberties all the time.

They are hollow and transparent. The only reason the American public has not yet woken up to this (at least not awake enough) is because of the programming they receive daily from the media. We have an ossified information system that is still, to my utter disbelief, acting as gatekeepers of knowledge…and somehow still doing it well. Too well.

It’s past time we tell conservatives to fuck off. They have ruined this once great nation with their sweet lies, lust for power, and single-minded obsession with destroying “the other side.” Now look what they’ve done. Sure, they may have taken down one president, one bit of their opponent…but their “enemy” is stronger than ever.

Except, wait, that’s not their enemy. That’s just their left hand.

In short, this decision may cost Obama the election, which doesn’t really matter; and conservatives/Republicans are morally bankrupt and should be shot into space on rocketships.

Meanwhile, screw this. I’m moving to Singapore.

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