Sandra Fluke: Totalitarian

Apparently a reporter at the New York Times Magazine didn’t get the memo that left-wing feminist hack Sandra Fluke’s 15 minutes were long past up. The reporter, Andrew Goldman, tracked Sandra down to get her er…..thoughts on some issues related to her call for the American people to pay for her birth control.

First up: About Rush Limbaugh’s despicable comments calling her a “slut” and attempts to have him taken off the air.

Free speech is a complex area legally, but it’s important to recognize that there are distinctions between one’s ability to express an opinion versus one’s ability to use F.C.C.-regulated airwaves to do so, and also one’s ability to engage in speech versus one’s ability to engage in slander.

First of all, there is no moral defense for what Rush Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke. If Rush Limbaugh called my mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend, sister, or any other woman I care about a slut, I would have some choice words for him. As a Southern boy, I was raised by my single mom to show women respect. However, I will defend to my death Rush Limbaugh’s right to free speech.

Sandra, when you testified to Congress and began your publicity tour, you became a public figure. That means I have a hell of a lot more legal leeway to say what I want about you than I would a genuinely private person. In fact Sandra, I think you’re a totalitarian because you want to silence speech you don’t agree with. I also think you’re a thief because you want to steal my money and that of my fellow taxpayers to give to sugar daddy government to buy your birth control and give you all sorts of benefits from the state, all for just being a woman. I dare you and your “progressive” buddies to come shut me up.

Sandra also finds common ground with her fellow nanny-state totalitarian, Rick Santorum.

Congratulations on finding a position that Rick Santorum and I agree upon. I do think there’s a serious problem with the violence we see in some pornography, and it has severe consequences for sexual-assault rates. That said, I don’t think that all erotic material is necessarily problematic. As a friend put it, she would be just fine with feminist porn.

First of all Sandra, we’re not sure if pornography leads to increased sexual assault rates. Even so, it may be “problematic” to you but there’s that pesky free speech thing again. Finally, guess what Sandra, I know women who love porn. So speak for yourself about “feminist porn.” By the way, feminist porn sounds like a real libido killer.

I was also struck by this comment about her choice to go to Georgetown University to study law:

It’s unfortunate that women have to choose between comprehensive affordable health care and the best quality education they can have.

Really, Sandra. Birth control, in most cases, is a choice not a genuine medical need. It is not that expensive and certainly not expensive enough to use the government as your hired thug to coerce insurance companies and employers to cover it with no charge. Also, condoms are cheaper than birth control and finally, not having sex at all is the cheapest. Also Sandra, I really hoped you would’ve gotten the lesson from this whole controversy that if we have government mandated healthcare, all private lifestyle choices become public policy discussions. But then again that was probably too much to ask since you’re still struggling with basics like free speech…..

Finally, we touch on homophobic speech. I think you can guess where this going….

I suppose I lost my temper a bit, but I think it’s really important that we address homophobic statements regardless of whether it’s couched in humor or in serious political conversations. They’re damaging and hurtful, and they make problematic speech acceptable.

The First Amendment makes “problematic speech” acceptable, Sandra. In fact, it was written specifically to protect “problematic speech”. Speech that is popular does not need protection. I think homophobia is disgusting, but homophobes do have a right to free speech and again I will defend their free speech rights with my life, if necessary.

I’m definitely not one of these progressive beta males the Sandra Flukes of the world love. I drive a pickup truck, love cold beer and shooting whiskey, love sports (as a matter of fact, I’m writing this while watching an Atlanta Braves game), I love beautiful women, and I love shooting guns. I also think there’s nothing sexier on this planet than a strong, independent woman; especially when she’s shooting a gun. I definitely want women to be treated with respect and treated equally under the law. That’s why I support these ladies.

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