Ron Paul Fans Should Learn About “Malinvestment”

For a group of people who follow the veritable patron saint of Austrian economics on Capitol Hill, the fans of Ron Paul don’t seem to understand the Austrian concept of “malinvestment” very well. Malinvestment, as described by the Mises Wiki, is:

Malinvestment is an investment in wrong lines of production, which inevitably lead to wasted capital and economic losses, subsequently requiring the reallocation of resources to more productive uses. “Wrong” in this sense means “incorrect” or “mistaken” from the point of view of the real long-term needs and demands of the economy, if those needs and demands were expressed with the correct price signals in the free market.

Of course, the concept applies more to commercial dealings than with efforts in the political sphere, but I think it works here too, especially when you regard recent messages from the Ron Paul faithful:


Ok so the Rand endorsement let us all down a lot along with all of the discouraging emails and videos directly from the campaign. I think for the most part we are over the hump if you know what im saying.

Now think… before all of these shenanigans how much did you believe Ron Paul could win! And remember when we realized all the delegates are unbound?! That was amazing and at that point it was the cream of the crop. We were gonna win hands down, romney has no chance in hell.

You remember all those fuzzy feelings right?

So besides the pessimistic stuff coming from the campaign and Rand, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.
We still have tons and tons of victories in delegates and I still personally believe a ton of romneys delegates are RP supporters!

I dare say these words, and I want everyone here to upvote this if you agree…


Do you believe this to be true? Join me, lets make this the most upvoted post ever on the Daily Paul.

PS If your reply detracts from this message, I ask you simply abstain from posting, thank you

Ah yes, the “pessimistic stuff coming from the campaign.” You know, the part where Ron Paul has conceded the race and given up.

Honestly, while I respect the drive of Ron Paul’s supporters—I too, think the Texas congressman is a great defender and promoter of liberty—continuing to pour your energy and effort into a campaign that is already over with is a bit like believing that fire is not really hot at this point. It’s a belief that’s completely contrary to reality and it’s a total waste of very valuable resources.


If the “Ronulans” want to still be useful, still carry on the torch of liberty, there are a number of things they can and should do today, rather than making a “Ron Paul bubble” that will inevitably burst after November and lead to widespread misery.

Get behind Gary Johnson: Right now, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is running on the Libertarian Party line for the presidency. If we can get Gary into the presidential debates, he will not only continue Ron Paul’s message, he will get it out to even more people—particularly those who never wanted to watch the GOP primary debates. Could you imagine what sort of an effect that would have? And its entirely doable, even if you just threw half of the energy they had with Ron Paul into Johnson’s race.

Fight for electoral reform: Our election system is a badly mismanaged, nigh-permanently rigged piece of crud that makes our “representative democracy” laughably unrepresentative. You should form broad-based, nonpartisan alliances with disgruntled and dejected Americans all over to fight to change this system, so that it better reflects the American people. Targets to hit are the utterly ludicrous petitioning and signature requirements that each state has, taxpayer funding of party primaries, gerrymandering, and if we get that far, switching from a first-past-the-post system to an approval voting system.

Educating the Public: You can and should still keep trying to educate the wider public about the positive effects of liberty and why it is the right answer to the problems plaguing us today. Make sure you don’t go off the deep end—as I’ve said before, people just don’t buy “stateless capitalism” arguments, so if that’s your thing try not to lead with it—or dive into any crazy conspiracy theories like the Bilderbergers or anything Alex Jones or Adam Kokesh say, but otherwise do your best to explain to people how liberty is the right thing for them. Make sure to use the resources at Reason magazine, the Cato Institute,, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, because they have a considerable amount there that will go far in helping you get the message across.

Get local and state candidates elected: Let’s admit it. The presidential campaign, for third parties and “outsiders,” is more about public relations than anything. The real target for serious, concrete campaigns should be at the local and state level. There, liberty-minded leaders can make changes that will directly impact Americans and let them see first hand how this philosophy works. People interact more with their DMV than they do with any federal agency. By having the network in place of Ron Paul Republicans and libertarians of all stripes, we can enact meaningful change that will start bubbling from the bottom up and soon infect all levels of government.

These are all far better uses of one’s time than continuing to push for a Ron Paul presidency. Yes, absolutely, I would prefer Ron Paul to either of the dingos the major parties are putting out. But the problem is that Ron Paul isn’t even running anymore, so its a moot point. You’re just going to get frustrated, angry, and malinvest your resources.

Right now we have an excellent opportunity to advance liberty. Let’s not waste it.

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