Rand Paul explains the Romney endorsement

As has been noted since last week, Ron Paul supporters are furious over Sen. Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. They’re calling him a everything but a child of God, which is truly sad. But late yesterday, Sen. Paul explained the strategy behind the endorsement on Peter Schiff’s radio show.

During the interview, Sen. Paul explains that the endorsement was political. In order for him to get support during his Senate bid in 2010, Paul had to convince his potential backers that he was a Republican and would back the GOP presidential nominee, which his father did not do in 2008. Paul also notes, though not in these words, that it’s a little absurd to cast him aside as a traitor when he is part of the liberty movement and push our issues in the Senate.

Paul points out that his father supports his endorsement of Romney. He also weighs in on whether or not the elder Paul will follow suit. Unfortunately, Sen. Paul explains that some of the reaction to the endorsement has been, well, violent.

Here’s the interview. It’s 18+ minutes, but well worth a listen:

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